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Field of Dreams

Scrapbooking with newspaper clippings can be a bit tricky, but sometimes those clippings tell your story with a professional edge. This is the story of a long-neglected baseball diamond that caught the eye of our local Little League Association. They applied to the Blue Jays Foundation for a grant to cover the cost of some upgrades. The players were pumped! The day winners were to be announced, the team gathered around the television at Rocky River Grill. The top photo captured the collective cheer when their name was announced. A reporter was there to record the moment. The bottom photo is a snapshot taken at the diamond after playing one of their first games there.

News clippings will fade and yellow over time, so I place a laminating sheet over top. You may need to practice a bit to avoid creasing the paper. I added a couple of tags, a light strip border and Baseball definitions cut from patterned paper. A memory to last a lifetime.

Products used: Scrapbook Customs patterned paper, Reminisce and Kaisercraft tag and unknown laminating sheet.

Maybe you can use this:

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