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Indeed, this is the correct spelling for the historic town on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. Initially a bustling fishing and shipbuilding community, it was established by the French in 1713, seized by the British, returned to the French, and then permanently taken by the British in 1758. Such a remarkable history. The Fortress of Louisbourg was designated a national historic site in 1928 and, in 1961, Parks Canada initiated a reconstruction of the fort, guided by archaeological findings and historical documents.

We spent hours meandering through the streets, exploring shops, homes, farms, the school, and standing where soldiers once stood centuries ago. It's a must-visit for anyone with a passion for history.

Given the abundance of photographs, I opted to print most in a 2x3 inch format. They arranged neatly across two pages, leaving room for a few descriptive tags. I plan to share more pages from our maritime journey in the upcoming days and weeks. Although I've made significant progress, I'm pausing to reorganize my craft table and to focus on some pending card projects.

Materials used include papers from Ciao Bella and P13, along with tags from Authentique and BoBunny. These products are available under the "Shop by Brand" or "Shop by Theme - Travel" sections at the top of the page.

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