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Scrappers' Cove eGift Card


Not sure what your scrappy friend would like. They can be quite particular! Make it easy with a gift certificate from Scrappers' Cove. They can redeem it on the website, whenever they are ready....


How does it work?

To purchase, simply fill in the form and choose the dollar value.  If you would like the gift card emailed to them on a specific date, add that information too.  The gift certificate will show in your cart, which allows you to pay through Paypal or with credit card of your choice.  You will receive an email confirmation of your purchase.  Of note: our gift cards do not expire.


Your gift recipient will receive an email notification of your gift, with the gift card number and can redeem it right on our website by entering the gift card # on the checkout page (not the cart page). Products are shipped directly from us, or can be picked up in Invermere.

If you prefer a manual gift card, please call or email me with details.  I will prepare a gift certificate for you to pick up.

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