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Simple Paper Tole

Paper Tole is the art of making 3D pictures from a number of flat artist's prints. The effect is achieved by cutting, shaping and reassembling the paper pieces, sometimes layering 6 or more of the same image pieces. The design can be finished with glaze to create the look of porcelain and then placed into a deeply recessed frame to give a stunning result. Little is known about the history of the craft, but it is assumed that it evolved from the flat style of decoupage which was popular in Venice during the seventeenth century. It was quite common around the 1930's and well into the '70's and 80's. You don't see these art pieces much anymore in North America, but there are many European companies that sell the kits.

So, here is the thing...I have been sorting through my craft space with the intention of clearing some of it out. In the process I found a paper tole kit which contains butterflies and floral images. I am not sure how I came into possession of this, and I had never used it - so, of course I decided to give it a try. To adapt to a card, I am using only 2 layers to keep it a bit low profile.

There are technique videos on YouTube, so I will not go into that here. To this card I added some wildflowers cut from a Tim Holtz/Sizzix die set, and a sentiment from Darcie's Stamps.

What you need to create the 3D images:

Embossing stylus and foam tape, which we have, and a foam pad, which we do not have.


We currently have paper tole kits, or 3D Pushout Sheets as they are called, from Yvonne Creations. Give them a try. You can find them under Unsorted Embellishments

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