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Glue Dots® are the original double-sided, pressure-sensitive adhesives for crafts and hobbies.  Removable Glue Dots® is a temporary adhesive that easily detaches without leaving a messy residue or damaging surfaces.  Use them to secure photos or other lightweight items to virtually any surface.  They’re easy to use, mess free and one of thebest adhesive for scrapbooking photos, paper crafts, damage-free decorating, and much more.  Glue Dots®  are non-toxic and acid-free,  Not recommended for heavy, bulky items or hanging.


Package contains 200 1/2 inch, clear. double sided, removable dots.  

Repositional Glue Dots

SKU: 634524031129
  • Glue Dots®

  • Adhesive, Removable, Repositional

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